We have outlined below the main questions along with answers to typical concerns Clients have prior to engaging The Commodities Group Inc "TCG" for a cost analysis and ongoing support. 

Work load to get started – On average a Client will spend less than 20-minutes preparing the data for TCG.  For customers that are too busy, TCG can arrive on-site and make copies or images of the information with very little Client involvement.  

Work load for ongoing reviews – Ongoing, majority of Clients find it easiest to start a TCG Clearing File where they deposit invoice copies upon their receipt from their suppliers.  Alternately TCG offers a monthly fee option whereby we can estimate the sharing on a monthly basis and true-up when it is convenient for you.  Fact is, we are here to work with our Clients to ensure the process is seamless and easy.  

Impact on Supplier Relationships – TCG would not be in business if we had a negative impact on supplier relationships.  The approach we have is very soft.  Fact is, suppliers are happy to have customers at fair margin vs having to look for new customers.  Often companies obtain better rates than what we recommend as we always leave some extra on the table for unknowns.   

Do we have to change suppliers – Not at all!  We do not recommend you change suppliers, rather we simply help you obtain and maintain a fair and consistent rate based on your location, annual volumes, product and delivery sizes.  

How savings are calculated – We subscribe to thousands of indicators throughout North America and based on our experience we know your suppliers costs.  We then can calculate what you are paying above cost, using the third party indicators and make recommendations for improvement.  Savings are then calculated using the old differential above cost, vs the new differential on a per delivery basis.  

Does TCG compare rates – No, we do not compare rates.  We understand the supplier’s costs and have been tracking market trends since 1996.  We have found that companies that try and protect their rates, often are the Clients that were overpaying the most.  

Why is the term 36-months – Typically it takes 36-months for suppliers to maintain consistent pricing.  After the initial sharing term we continue to monitor your rates and will only share if new savings opportunities are identified.  Clients enjoy how we work with them ongoing as many of our reference letters illustrate relationships well past a 3 year term.  

I don’t have time – We asked the majority of our Clients and those who waited did regret the unnecessary ongoing over payment.  TCG is not here to make work for our Clients, we are here to work with you to obtain the savings in an efficient manner.  Let us know your concerns or reasons for delay and we are confident we will have a solution to start right now.  

Competitive Advantage – Clients can focus on what they do best by having a professional team monitoring their costs throughout North America.  You are not gaining more work, rather you will have peace of mind to focus on your company.